Junkyard Zombiez

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The Story

Nine year old, Pike, remembers taking his pet monkey’s severed head and putting it in his lunch bag. Four years now since a nuclear blast took place to rid the world of all zombies. Who knew the blast would backfire and cause more damage, turning more people into zombies from the aftermath. Zombies were everywhere now, but this was nothing new to Pike. Living in junk was a way of life even before the apocalypse happened. His dad was a Garbage man and loved collecting junk to make “new” inventions with. Pike learned everything from his dad, from changing a light bulb to building gigantic dinosaur robots – life was fascinating, until his dad became a zombie too! While pieces of his dad began to fall apart, Pike took all the knowledge he had to collect and construct parts to replace his dad’s fallen limbs, eyeballs, ears and other body parts. His dad was alive! Pike soon realizes he can do the same with all zombiez! However… Pike’s dream was not going to be easily accomplished. There lurks an evil beyond the boarders of Pike’s city. A ruthless General bent on completing his mission to destroy all zombiez. Will Pike be able to fix all zombiez before the General carries out his mission? Only time will tell!

Meat the Zombiez

In the land of Junkyard Zombiez, nothing goes to waste. There’s no zombie too big, small, wrangled or raggity that cannot be reconstructed and made into a perfectly functional viable part of society.



…much much more!

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